Congratulations on Success of the International Computational Coronary Physiology Webinar

2023-07-25 10:00

#Medstar Health Research Institute

#Georgetown University, USA

# Fuwai Hospital


#Pulse Medical


The Computational Coronary Physiology Webinar was held successfully at 14:00-15:10 (UTC+1) on 19th July 2023 by Pulse Medical. During this webinar, Prof. Lei Song from Fuwai Hospital (China) and Prof. Hector Manuel Garcia-Garcia from MedStar Health Research Institute (USA) shared the clinical evidence and practice experience of the μFR® (AngioPlus Core) system. Over 150 participants from 35 countries and regions joined the Zoom meeting (over 5000 participants from Livestream platforms) and discussed online.

· Prof. Lei Song shared clinical evidence of μFR® and demonstrated why μFR® could be trusted


Based on a series of FAVOR studies, Prof. Song introduced the evidence road of AngioPlus series products. FAVOR III China study demonstrated that AngioPlus series from Pulse Medical could deliver significant benefits to clinic, including outcome improvement, PCI strategy optimization and cost-effectiveness improvement. Then Prof. Song introduced the latest generation μFR® and showed how it could be applied to the entire PCI process, including diagnostic assessment and treatment planning before PCI, online guidance during PCI, and results assessment and optimization after PCI.

· Prof. Hector Manuel Garcia-Garcia shared the real-world application of μFR® in the USA


Prof. Garcia also shared his experience with μFR® and described how μFR® could be applied in various clinical scenarios, including diffuse lesions and bifurcation lesions. Also, Prof. Garcia shared the latest progress and results of relevant studies conducted locally in the United States using the μFR® (AngioPlus Core) system, demonstrating excellent diagnostic performance and reproducibility.

Also, product expert from Pulse Medical shared a case demonstration of using μFR® across the PCI process. Through a step-by-step demonstration, μFR® showcased the user-friendly and fast operation. Several features like the virtual stent, microvascular resistance assessment were also presented, which can be used for better clinical applications.

Aiming to deliver innovative and valuable solutions to improve patient outcomes, Pulse Medical is dedicated to developing innovative technology for precision diagnosis and optimal treatment of patients with pan-vascular disease. If you are interested in our μFR® products, please scan the QR code below to request a product demo.


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