SOLACI 2023 | Pulse Medical μFR User Experience Sharing

2023-08-08 10:00

      August 2 to 4, Brazil time, Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology (SOLACI 2023) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with more than 3,000 experts from around the world attending the meeting.

      With the further development of the global market layout, Pulse Medical μFR® system has received more and more attention and recognition from international users. During the meeting, experts from USA, Brazil, and China shared their experiences about the application of μFR®, and gave high comments. In addition, the team of experts from Nanjing First Hospital also carried out a live-case with the guidance of μFR® (AngioPlus Core, Pulse Medical) system.

Academic conference


  • Dr. Ricardo Costa, President of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology Interventions, shared the topic “First use of μFR in Latin America”, approving that the accurate, fast and user friendly analysis from μFR® system makes μFR® truly applicable to the clinical use.
  • Dr. Louis Nakayama from Instituto DANTE PAZZANESE de Cardiologia (IDPC), Sao Paulo, Brazil, shared the topic “Dante Pazzanese's Experience with μFR: Recorded case ‘μFR inside Cathlab’ and live evaluation”. IDPC has conducted 4 μFR® guided PCI live-case worldwide through Medstream360, giving high praise and applying μFR® to PCI procedures as part of the daily routine.
  • Dr. Daniel Chamie from Yale University (USA) shared the topic “Coronary Physiology Derived from Invasive Angiography: ls it a game changer?”, including the development of angio-based coronary physiology assessment and related research.
  • Dr. Danilo Maksud from Instituto do Coração (INCOR), Sao Paulo, Brazil, shared the topic “INCOR's Experience with μFR and practical tips & tricks”, focusing on clinical using skills from the technical perspective.


Live Case

        Dr. Fei Ye and the team from Nanjing First Hospital, presented “Intravascular Imaging and Angio-based Physiology guided complex Left Main Bifurcation” live case.

        According to the CAG results, the MEDINA classification of this patient was left main terminal true bifurcation disease, while the DEFINITION standard classification was complex bifurcation disease.


        The patient underwent μFR® analysis 15 days before. The μFR value is 0.6 for LAD and 0.78 for LCX, which indicated the physiological ischemia in both vessels.


μFR® analysis (15 days before)

        The patient underwent μFR® analysis again immediately before PCI. μFR value is 0.53 for LAD and 0.41 for LCX-OM. The ischemia of both vessels became much severer.


μFR® analysis (Pre-PCI)

        Combined with IVUS analysis, it was found that the distal segment of left main was characterized by severe calcification, thus the team decided to use the DK-Crush as the strategy.

        Post-PCI μFR® showed good physiological recovery of both LAD and LCX. IVUS results showed that the LM bifurcation was completely covered by the stent, the expansion and adhesion were good. The results of both physiology and intravascular imaging showed that the patient recovered well after PCI.

Ending Words

        The presentation of μFR® SOLACI 2023 attracted lots of interests and appreciation across the world. As an innovator and pioneer in the field of cardiovascular intervention, Pulse Medical will always stick to scientific and technological innovation, and provide better solutions for patients and clinical workers with the power of science and technology.