CTA-Derived Pre-TAVR Image Processing and Measurement

Contraindications or precautions are listed in the instruction manual.

Easier to use

More efficient

More precise.

Excellent Functions

  • ValvePlus can select personalized aortic prostheticvalve, formulating the best surgical strategy and ensuring the surgical effect

  • After uploading CTA images containing the aortic valve,ValvePlus can complete the automatic segmentation of the aortic valve annulusand surrounding structures without manual intervention. The analysis can befinished within 2 minutes.

  • ValvePlus can output the relevant measurement results recommended by the guideline, such as annular size, coronary artery height,sinotubular junction height, sinotubular diameter, ascending aorta diameter, valsalvasinus size, left ventricular outflow tract size, etc.

  • Automatically output the optimal projection angles of 4 commonly used treatment positions at the sametime to help the surgeon fully understand the patient's three-dimensional anatomical structure characteristics.

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